3” Jumbo Chlorine Tabs

Keep your swimming pool and spa the cleanest it’s ever been with ServCo’s 3″ Chlorine Tabs. These Chlorine Tabs are made without fillers, making them the longest lasting solution that’s ideal for floating dispensers and chemical feeders. They are made of 99% Trichloro-s-triazinetrione to keep your swimming pool clear, clean, and free of any bacteria or contaminants. Every tablet is coated with a ultraviolet inhibitor designed to give long lasting results preventing damage from the sun. ServCo’s 3″ Chlorine Tabs are designed to be efficient, saving you money while keeping your pool clean from contaminants and giving you peace of mind.

Tablets Features

  • 3″ Chlorine Tablets
  • 90% Available Chlorine – strongest available
  • Slow-dissolving, long lasting protection
  • Stabilized: protection from the sun with U.V. inhibitor
  • Safe for all pool types including: vinyl liner, painted, fiberglass, plaster and acrylic pools

2 ½ Gallon Liquid Chlorine Refill

Liquid chlorine is the fastest, least expensive and most effective type of unstabilized chlorine. ServCo offers the freshest and strongest liquid chlorine on the market. Liquid chlorine is available in refillable 2.5 gallon containers and is perfect for shocking and helpful with algae control.

Go ServCo when it’s time to shock your pool. ServCo fills its chlorine jugs daily, which means our liquid chlorine is always the freshest.

AlgaeZone Plus

  • Fast acting, long lasting treatment to control algae growth.
  • Eliminates visible algae in the pool.
  • Compatible with salt chlorine generators.
  • Add directly to pool water with pump and filter running.
Super Shock-It 73

Super Shock-It 73

  • Puts the sparkle back in dull flat water.
  • Helps eliminate unpleasant odors and eye irritation.
  • Helps your sanitizer work more efficiently.
  • Kills bacteria, controls algae and destroys organic contaminants.
  • Add directly to pool water with pump and filter running.


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